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When you think of “IT provider,” what’s the first image that comes to mind? A geek with a laptop? A voice at the other end of the phone line that always seems to put you on hold? An hourly contractor who only shows up when your computer, network, or printer is down?

How about a trusted partner who, as a fellow small business owner, understands your day-to-day needs and concerns? A colleague that can support the long-term vision and strategic goals of your company? A built-in support staff that will proactively keep your computer and network running smoothly?

At CMIT Solutions, that’s the role that we fulfill. Far more than just an IT guy, we’re the human intelligence behind information technology.

About the Owner

Abdel Karsou work together as a team with CMIT Solutions. Their experience and motivation work together to deliver enterprise quality IT solutions at a price small and medium-sized businesses can actually afford.


Abdel Karsou Managing PartnerAbdel Karsou
President & Managing Partner
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Abdel’s experience in leadership roles in various companies has given him business acumen and an understanding of the needs of entrepreneurs, who need IT solutions and support to resolve and prevent problems that can derail the performance of business operations. Abdel takes a very innovative approach to technology challenges, and works hard to come up with new ideas and successful, proven systems. That way businesses enjoy a smooth working environment so that employees can deliver their best without having to deal with system slowdowns or breakdowns.

Abdel has a Master of Science degree and has published two academically accredited papers. His scientific mind is a great asset to any business need.


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