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CMIT Impression – Video Conferencing Made Easy

The Giant Tablet that Opens a World of Possibilities

Video Conferencing New York

How do you and your colleagues currently collaborate? Do you struggle with poor image-quality video conferencing? An inability to spontaneously share ideas and documents?

CMIT Impression will change everything you know about video conferencing, because it’s not merely a videophone or big screen. It’s a full-fledged, touch-enabled PC with the ability to facilitate the exchange of ideas in ways that, until now, just weren’t possible.

Think Big.

Present, annotate and collaborate on a giant tablet with meeting participants in the room and around the world. CMIT Impression puts everything you need to visually present, capture and share ideas at your fingertips – all beautifully integrated into a single device.

  • Multi-touch high definition 55-inch display
  • High performance Intel i5 PC running the latest Windows 7 Pro
  • Full version of Microsoft Office
  • Digital whiteboard
  • High definition 720p camera with 4 integrated microphones
  • Voice-optimized sound bar for improved dialogue clarity

CMIT Impression’s touch-enabled monitor allows HD video conferencing for multiple locations, document presentation and collaborative editing, and an interactive whiteboard feature, in addition to all the other things you can do with a PC, such as browsing the Internet.

Sharing documents and visuals during a meeting from any device is amazingly easy with a folder anyone in the meeting can access. Now, you can spontaneously brainstorm and capture ideas with colleagues or clients, then save to review later or email directly to meeting participants.

Visually Connect From Anywhere.

You and your colleagues or clients can securely connect to your network via its built-in WiFi allowing any authorized user in your network to share, view, and control their presentation from their PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Not in the room? No problem. Remote participants can see what’s on the screen via a webpage.

And, thanks to Vidtel’s high-quality conferencing service, Impression delivers image quality that you need to see to believe.

Now, meetings are more productive, content is more immersive, and audiences are more engaged. CMIT Impression smashes the traditional barriers that previously made video conferencing complicated, closed, and too costly for most businesses.

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