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CMIT Solutions of South and East Austin


Austin has lots of tech. Why Us?

CMIT Solutions of South & East Austin is your first choice when it comes to a customer oriented IT support provider that you can truly rely on. We take a great pride in our personal approach and desire to establish long-lasting relationships based upon a mutual trust and understanding. As a local company from Austin, Texas, we know what it takes to rise above the rest and thrive in the world that strongly relies on a functional information technology infrastructure.

We at Completely Managed IT Solutions of South & East Austin understand that your IT issues and needs require complex solutions. That is why we offer an unprecedented set of services and solutions that will meet all your expectations. Our proactive approach ensures that all potential concerns are addressed a long time before they can turn into real problems. We actively help you find ways in which you can improve your effectiveness, reduce overhead and costs and thus make sure that your business will always operate smoothly.

With Managed Services from CMIT Solutions of South & East Austin, money is the last thing you need to worry about. We understand just how important it is to keep track of where your investments are going and how effective they really are. That is why we use a flat-rate billing that lets you use our services to their maximum potential without any hidden costs. Our desire to meet all your needs is further emphasized by the fact that we proudly offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all our products and services.

Whether you are in need of managed IT services, business continuity planning and security, IT consulting, cloud services, virtualization, complex email and spam protection, hosted solutions, IT vendor help service, or anything else from our vast offering, we got you covered. The ability to help you with virtually all aspects of your information technology infrastructure means that you can save your valuable time and focus on what matters the most while we handle the rest for you.

One of the most difficult questions that modern companies in Austin, Texas and all over the country have to be able to answer is how to stay competitive and on top of modern information technologies in a constantly evolving world that never stops. Technologies that were the newest hit just a few years ago are now being replaced by fresher tools and the capability to quickly adapt is essential. Managed Services by CMIT Solutions of South & East Austin are your answer. We offer sophisticated data storage and preservation solutions, complex network installation and management, full IT support, consulting, remote support, and much more. Our clients will testify that we are able to take care of everything related to information technologies. 

We are additionally the leading virtualization and cloud services provider in Austin, Texas. Our cloud services and hosted solution can help you greatly improve your efficiency while also reducing your costs and saving you space. Transferring your infrastructure to the cloud is the best way to modernize your equipment and improve your scalability. As with all of our services, you only pay for what you really need and you always know the total cost upfront. Your employees will appreciate the most up-to-date software available on the market including Intuit QuickBooks the top-rated small business accounting software, Microsoft Exchange for calendars and mail, and Microsoft SharePoint which is an essential tool for sharing work and organizing projects and teams. We will ensure that there are no unexpected issues that would keep you from your work which means that you also save on your maintenance.

Since modern communication needs require modern solutions, Completely Managed IT Solutions of South & East Austin is proud to offer you VoIP installation and support together with Mobile Device Management. We can quickly deploy the best solution for a company of any size, either here in Austin, Texas or in any other place across the United States. You will be able to enjoy sophisticated tools as the largest companies in the world while still cutting down your telecommunication costs. The ability to work independently from your main offices is indispensable in today’s fast-moving world. Of course, mobile devices can bring with them a new set of security concerns that absolutely need to be addressed to prevent costly security breaches and loss of public trust in your company. CMIT Solutions of South & East Austin not only offers holistic security solutions for you main information technology infrastructure, but we also excel at monitoring and on-demand reporting for your mobile devices. You will be protected from all online threats and attack vectors no matter which platform you use.

Choosing Completely Managed IT Solutions is your guaranteed bet on success. We promise to do our absolute best to meet all your demands and hope that you will quickly find how our personal approach and desire to cultivate flourishing business relationships translates into thriving partnership.


1801 E. 51st; Suite 365-401
Austin, TX 78723