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CMIT Solutions of South and East Austin


Veterinary practice absolutely requires a high degree of trust between doctors and patients who are often very protective of their animal companions. The only way to achieve this is by having a well-integrated IT system that takes care of all your information technology needs for you and allows you to concentrate on your work.

CMIT Solutions of South and East Austin is a premier IT service and support company for all healthcare, dental, and veterinary practices around South and East Austin, Texas. Our IT support helps our clients offer only the best patient care without being held back by unreliable technology. How can we do this? The answer is actually very simple. We genuinely care about our customers and strive to give them the kind of IT support they deserve. We believe that profit and success can be achieved with absolute honesty and integrity and this is visibly reflected in the way we conduct our business. Our consultants recommend what is best for you, not necessarily our budget. Long-term partnerships based on honesty and interest in the well-being of the other party always pay off.

When you decide to use our Managed IT Services, you will experience the freedom to concentrate on achieving your goals while we do our very best to provide you with IT support and IT management solutions created specifically for you. Proactive IT support, network and hardware installation, virtualization and cloud services, or even business continuity planning and security. No matter what your needs are, CMIT Solution of South and East Austin is able to help.

Do not let your practice be ruined by a lackluster security. Even in this day and age, email spam and computer viruses still remain leading culprits, resulting security breaches and technological problems. The trust your patients have in you is one of the most valuable assets you will ever have and protecting it is a job that only the most qualified professionals are able to do. CMIT Solution of South and East Austin, Austin’s premier IT support company for small and medium-sized businesses is proud to deliver enterprise-class IT solutions with high-quality locally focused services at a very affordable price and with no hidden costs.

You will learn why our clients cannot remember the last time they had to struggle with IT issues. Turn your existing IT infrastructure into your essential tool and easily gain the upper hand in every situation you will come across.