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CMIT Solutions of South and East Austin


Our local, Austin-based clients represent the best in their industry

CMIT Solutions of South & East Austin stands on many years of experience serving some of the finest small and medium sized businesses in Texas, including Mount Bonnell and Allandale neighborhoods. It is thanks to our profound knowledge of many different industries that we can provide your company with cutting-edge solutions tailored specifically to your own particular needs.

Over the years, we at CMIT Solutions of South & East Austin have come to understand how each industry has its own specific requirements for successful operation. This, coupled with our local presence and familiarity with Austin, Texas, puts us in the best possible position as your long term partner and provider of IT support and solutions.

Completely Managed IT Solutions of South & East Austin understands just what it takes to efficiently run dental or veterinarian offices with all the complexities of healthcare IT services. We take a great care to provide you with solutions that are optimized for speed and reliability. This allows your staff to increase their productivity and thus improving patient service quality and satisfaction together with increased profits, shorter billing cycle, and lower costs of operation. Our ongoing management services are here to ensure that you are well-prepared for all kinds of disaster scenarios.

When health is at stake, you absolutely need robust solutions that can ensure your information technology infrastructure is solid and reliable. CMIT Solutions of South & East Austin is the first choice for all healthcare, dental, and veterinarian offices located in Austin, Texas.

Our partners in the construction industry know that time means money and that it is absolutely unacceptable to experience any delays and problems due to unreliable IT infrastructure. That is why they partner with us. CMIT Solutions of South & East Austin makes sure that all problems with software incompatibilities, communication breakdowns, and network stability are going to become a thing of the past.

With our advanced mobility solutions, your team will always be in contact and your data will be protected against all catastrophic events. High quality, stable network is the must have foundation for your business and we at Completely Managed IT Solutions of South & East Austin are proud to offer exactly what your business needs at low cost while simultaneously meeting even the highest quality standards.

Architecture and engineering industries rely on a stable and well-optimized software platform upon which they can build their business. All essential components must run together without any issues so that all employees can focus on their work without wasting their time, fighting battles they are not prepared to win. CMIT Solutions of South & East Austin offers your company a unique proactive monitoring and 24/7 support that lets you forget about your previous IT problems and let us ensure a smooth operation without any setbacks.

Data protection together with security and privacy play a huge role in both law and legal industry and also in accounting and finances. CMIT Solutions of South & East Austin is familiar with these challenges and distinctive set of technology standards and requirements that firms in Austin have. We can ensure that your employees will always have 24/7 access to their computers and your clients data will stay protected. We employ a highly sophisticated network security mechanisms and protocols together with our proactive monitoring. This means that we are able to recommend you the best course of action you should take before any problems arise. Do not wait until something goes wrong, choose Completely Managed IT Solutions of South & East Austin and fully benefit from what we have to offer.

Modern day non-profit organizations rely on technology as an absolutely vital part of their operation. CMIT Solutions of South & East Austin uses fixed billing that ensures that you will never encounter any unexpected costs and that you can estimate your budget well ahead. As your organization and information technology requirements will grow, so will our services. You only pay for what you absolutely need to successfully achieve your goals within your budget.

Small and medium sized manufacturing and professional services in Austin, Texas, have additional requirements that must be met in order to sustain the demanding 24/7 operation. We understand specific demands of manufacturing industry and offer a comprehensive list of industry IT services and solutions that are easy to use and implement. We make sure that you avoid costly downtime and high learning curves that often come with new technologies. CMIT Solutions of South & East Austin is a partner you can completely rely on no matter which industry you work in.