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CMIT Solutions of South and East Austin


Build your company on a solid foundation with CMIT Solutions of South and East Austin

In the construction industry, time often equals money and when your operation is experiencing a costly downtime due to unreliable informational technology infrastructure, security problems, or other technical issues, nobody is happy. Sadly, these situations are happening almost on a daily basis and not many IT support companies are able to provide you with a reliable solution that you can truly depend on even under the most difficult circumstances imaginable.

That is why CMIT Solutions of South and East Austin offers a highly customizable set of IT support services that will help you meet all your deadlines and give the necessary tools to easily tackle any project. Out local presence in Austin, Texas, ensures that we accurately understand the local market and know exactly how to best improve the efficiency of your operation. Why would you hire somebody who is not familiar with the environment in which your business operates? Choose local solutions for global results.

Modern construction companies have high demands in terms of communication requirements and the ability for employees to always continue with their work even when not physically present in main offices. You will greatly benefit from our VoIP solutions, which allow small and medium-sized businesses to take advantage of the same highly sophisticated communication solutions as the biggest companies in this state. Your communication infrastructure should be flexible and able to grow with your business. This is what Completely Managed IT Solutions of South and East Austin offers at low cost. With our proactive 24/7 technical support, you are never left alone to deal with any unexpected problems.

Your electronic files and data are always safely protected with our off-site backup and recovery solutions. We make sure that no natural or man-made threat can put your hard work to waste. Our industry-standard cloud and hosted solutions give small and medium-sized businesses from Austin, Texas, an ability to use the latest tools available. All your favorites, including Intuit QuickBooks, Microsoft Exchange, or Microsoft SharePoint, will be hosted on our servers. That means that we can easily take care of all software updates for you and you can put your focus to your own area of expertise.

CMIT Solutions of South and East Austin is the IT support company of choice for all construction businesses in Austin and beyond. We put a great emphasis on establishing flourishing relationships with our clients. It is our deep believe that good business partner has to understand the needs of the other party in order to be able to provide with personally tailored services and solutions. That is something we love to do and put our heart and soul into. It will not take long for you to see our promises turned into actions. s.