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Show Your Computer Who is Boss!

According to Moore’s Law, computing speed doubles every two years. So why do we still spend so much time waiting? Waiting on hold for tech support. Waiting for the IT guy to show up. Waiting to get our work done. All this time and money just…waiting

Isn’t it time we said enough? Isn’t it time we change the way we do IT?

CMIT Solutions is on your side. We are an IT company that believes in empowering you with productive computers and IT solutions that allow you get your job done fast

Don’t Let Technology Get the Best of You!

We provide managed services and other computer consulting services tailored to the unique needs of small business. With over 160 locally owned and operated locations nationwide, CMIT Solutions combines personalized local service with all the technical resources of a large national company — offering our clients (and their budgets) the products, partnerships, and around-the-clock technical support that standalone local IT shops just can’t provide.

Learn more about the services and solutions we can provide for your business, or contact us to schedule a consultation.