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Voice Solutions

Have you looked at your telephone bill lately? Do you wax poetically about how much you want advanced PBX features, but you can’t bring yourself to buy one? Are you longing for a find me/follow me feature so that you never miss a phone call again?

Are you open to a suggestion? Why not try a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone solution?

CMIT Voice offers a cloud-based VoIP solution — and you’ll never have to buy a PBX again. We can set you up with new phones and month-to-month contracts with unlimited US domestic calling for less than your cell phone bill — no multi-year commitment required! Best of all, you can forward calls to your cell phone and never have to go to the office to check your voicemail again.

And if your particular industry requires a standard phone setup, we can set you up with the best solution available.