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Layered IT Security Solutions

Preventing today’s constantly evolving security threats isn’t easy. And it isn’t something that just one tool can achieve. Believe it or not, the well-meaning folks who work at your company can present a huge security threat, as well. Just one click is all it takes for your data to be held hostage, your reputation to suffer, or your business to get hit with non-compliance penalties.

CMIT Secure integrates seamlessly with your employees, your workflows, and your processes. We start with security awareness training for your staff and others with access to your systems. Then we provide your business with the right-sized security policies that align with the federal government’s NIST Cybersecurity framework.

Why Layered Security?

Cybersecurity is complicated, and threats are constantly evolving. What worked yesterday may not work today, and hackers work tirelessly to stay one step ahead of anti-virus and anti-malware protections. That’s why it’s never been more important to keep systems patched and firewalls up-to-date. No longer can you “install it and forget it” — cyber-crime never sleeps.

Did You Know?

The FBI reports that $250 million in ransom was paid to hackers in the first six months of 2016. And industry analysts expect unreported losses to exceed $1 billion. In other words, security breaches and online attacks are impacting businesses of all shapes and sizes. So don’t wait to be victimized — take action now by calling CMIT Solutions for an immediate security analysis.

cybersecurity threats and malware can cost your business money

Don’t let a data breach kill your business.

CMIT’s 2015 survey of more than 130,000 North American businesses found that: 12.5% had been hacked and 25% knew someone who had been hacked

CMIT Secure Offers Layers of Managed Services

Each layer of CMIT Secure addresses a different type of threat to your business:

  • Staff Training:
    Prevents human error and blocks threats.
  • Proactive Remote Monitoring and Management:
    Keeps systems patched, secure, and up to date, preventing external attacks.
  • Anti-Malware:
    Stops malicious software’s attacks generated by malicious links and infected online ads.
  • Anti-Spam:
    Sniffs out email-based attacks.
  • DNS Filtering:
    Expands your security perimeter to keep sophisticated attacks from entering your network.
  • Password Security:
    Assures accounts and passwords are not compromised.
  • Intelligent Firewall Management:
    Prohibits deep threats and is essential to safe business operation.

Comprehensive IT security requires multiple layers of support.

Today’s constantly evolving security threats require constant vigilance. And it isn’t something that just one tool can achieve. That’s why CMIT Secure layers proactive management and maintenance of technology infrastructure with industry-leading software and tools.

CMIT Secure Products

CMIT Secure™ offers three levels of protection, each designed to offer the right solutions for a business of your size and meet the regulatory compliance needs you face. But no matter which level you select, your business will be protected from malware, viruses, spam, ransomware, and external attacks. And dedicated security awareness training means you and your employees can prevent human errors and protect your business.

Contact us to find out how our multi-layered IT services can prevent cybersecurity attacks from taking down your business.