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Hardware Purchasing

Ever try to decide which computer to purchase? It’s not as easy as you thought. How much memory do you really need? Which processor? Does it matter? Admit it — they all look alike, but you know they aren’t.

Whatever you choose, you’re going to be stuck with it for three years or more. Whether you need a desktop, laptop, convertible (yes, that is a type of computer), or tablet, we can help. We order so many different types of hardware, from computers to routers to printers to storage arrays, that we have seen it all. We can help you choose the computers and systems that work best for your business. We understand the difference between business-grade and consumer-grade systems — you wouldn’t buy a single-room AC unit to cool a high-rise, would you?

Why guess when you can ask us to help? We love fitting people with the right machine for their needs. It’s a bit like being a tailor: right CPU, appropriate amount of memory, plenty of storage, and, best of all, a warranty.

We can set your system up for Proactive IT Services from day one — that way, your pristine, beautiful, and efficient new computer stays that way.

Expert guidance, from planning to procurement.

Here at CMIT solutions, we offer only the most relevant and cost effective small business products for your small business needs.

As a Dell Premier Partner, the highest level of Dell partnership, we’re experts on Dell’s desktops, laptops, workstations, servers, and networking equipment. We offer the latest in Dell small-business computer equipment and systems all tailored to your business’s needs. In addition to great deals and discounts on Dell small-business hardware, we can source and install the business software packages you rely on most.

Looking for support or to purchase a new Mac or other Apple products?
Learn about our support for Apple.

Avoid spending money on hardware and software you don’t need or can’t use. CMIT Solutions will perform a thorough assessment of your hardware and software requirements before you make a purchasing decision, so you can make sure you’re getting the best value for your business.

Once we’ve developed a solid hardware strategy, we’ll help fast-track your purchase. Need help setting it up? We can do that, too. Contact us today.