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Cloud Backup

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who have already lost critical data ― and those who will.

Data loss can affect anyone. And if you’re not performing regular, remote cloud-based backups of your information, disaster is likely to strike.

Luckily, the cloud does more than just streamline your business processes ― it can also provide the secure, encrypted backup backbone you need to thrive.

We’re here to assess your needs and offer the right cloud backup solution that’s right for you ― at a price you can afford.

There are many cloud computing companies out there that are built for big business.

Consumers have recently been deluged with talk of “The Cloud.” Nearly everything one reads about the subject talks of a mass movement to this new and exciting realm, but explanations as to what the realm really is tend to raise just as many questions as they purport to answer. What is it? Where is it?

The reality is that cloud computing isn’t new. It’s been around a long time, and nearly all of us have accessed data or applications that reside in the cloud such as Gmail, Facebook apps, or Google Docs. We just might not have always realized it. Our cloud computing program that lets users access their critical business information remotely from anywhere on the globe with Internet access.

Three levels of cloud backup service dominate the market:

  • Free or extremely affordable consumer cloud storage options like Dropbox and Jungle Disk, which offer high levels of usability but low levels of security unless paired with encryption tools like Boxcryptor, Symantec and Jetico.
  • Data backup options like Carbonite, CrashPlan+, and Backblaze, which allow for backup of some files but require individuals or business owners to ensure that their own backup works.
  • Managed care remote backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity options like CMIT Guardian, which bring beefy 256-bit encryption, redundant processes, routine testing of backups, disaster management plan development, and complete system virtualization and backup to the table.

When choosing between commercially popular brands and managed care, ask yourself: do you want to oversee your data or grow your business? Managed remote backup and disaster recovery allows a business owner to focus on gaining clients and improving customer satisfaction, NOT worrying about whether his or her backup is working.

Before you make your cloud-based backup decision, consider how much economic havoc disasters like hurricanes, floods, fires, or even human actions can wreak in terms of downtime, lost revenue, and lost productivity. Don’t let anything dissuade you from taking all precautions necessary to protect your business’ most important asset: its data.

Contact us for a free technology and security assessment and let CMIT Solutions help put remote backup, disaster recovery, and the cloud to work for your benefit.