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Application Development

Buy versus build. Sometimes the right choice is to build exactly what you need. But you are not in the technology business, nor the application development business. Be glad. Have you ever tried to manage application developers? Seriously, they speak a different language.

Fortunately, we at CMIT Solutions do speak the same language as software and application developers. We can help you identify your requirements, define the use cases, and put together a project plan. We can even do the work. That’s right — we can code. If you’re curious about building an application so that you can have exactly what you need for your business, we can help with the decision-making process.

Don’t be shy about what you need. We thrive on solving problems, whether you need a database application or custom reports. Websites or SharePoint. Access or application integration. Data interchange or data exchange. You name it — odds are we have done it or can make it happen for you.