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Anti-Spam Software

Spam. You know it. Not the wonderful stuff in the can, but the other kind. Maybe you’ve only thought of spam with respect to your home computers, and not in your business environment. If that’s the case, then it’s time to think again.

Spam is the world’s nastiest Trojan horse. When it comes into your business email account, the havoc it wreaks can be devastating. Malicious email and virus attacks are more sophisticated than you think. The damage spam can cause may cripple your network, compromise your corporate data, and bring your productivity to a screeching halt.

Every single system we manage is fitted with CMIT-Anti-Spam.
That’s how seriously we take the situation.

Ask us how we can protect you and your business.

Say goodbye to spam and hello to dramatically increased productivity.

CMIT’s Anti-spam software protects against spam, viruses and phishing exploits outside the corporate network.

  • Block email-borne malware.
  • Avoid unsolicited offensive material that could be perceived as creating a hostile work environment.
  • Avoid the maintenance and management required for on-site hardware and software solutions.
  • Completely eliminate foreign language spam that often bypasses traditional defenses.
  • Secure the local email server by eliminating multiple access points.

Our Anti-spam software also prevents outbound email from spreading viruses and spam.

  • Protect your reputation with a safeguard that prevents users from inadvertently sending spam & viruses.
  • Prevent your IP addresses from inadvertently getting blacklisted, which can prevent your users’ legitimate emails from reaching their recipients.
  • Identify possible compromised PCs that can lead to the leakage of sensitive corporate information.

Keep inbound email in queue in case the local mail server fails or the power goes out.

  • Incoming email is not bounced or lost when your local email server is down for any reason.
  • Local email problems are invisible to external senders, because non-delivery receipts are not sent.
  • Delivery of incoming mail resumes as soon as the local email server returns to operation.

Block high-volume spam before it reaches your corporate infrastructure.

  • Neutralize volume-based directory harvesting and denial of service attacks.
  • Save the bandwidth otherwise consumed by spam and messages to unknown users.
  • Avoid the need for hardware (hard drive, memory, CPU) upgrades to critical infrastructure components.

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