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CMIT Solutions of Rockville

  • Protect your business – worldwide security for your network and data
  • Keep your systems safe – no more worries about technology breakdowns
  • Eliminate costly downtime – Protect your data and systems 24 x 7 x 365
  • Improve your bottom line – your IT investment will decrease costs
  • We let you breathe easier – your IT costs will be predictable

Does your current computer guy take forever to respond to requests for service? Are you worried about the security of your data and backups? Is worrying about and dealing with technical issues cutting into your productivity? Does your head hurt from having to deal with computer problems?

We can eliminate all of your computer headaches.

Is your current computer support person – whether it’s an internal employee, a friend, or a “professional” consultant – is NOT completely delivering the level of service they want. Therefore, they are constantly forced to deal with technical issues and worry whether or not their network is truly being protected from viruses, downtime, data loss, and other threats. These problems and worries are cutting into their productivity.

Although the idea of providing reliable, affordable, full-service computer support isn’t an amazing concept, it still surprises me how many computer technicians don’t get it right. That’s why we decided to start a “one company revolution” and commit ourselves to delivering all-inclusive computer maintenance, support, and backups to small business owners who don’t have the time, money, or staff to waste on computer problems. We’re here to help you reclaim your productivity. 

We look for hidden problems that could be slowing down your computer network, causing problems, or jeopardizing the security of your data.

This assessment is designed to uncover the most commonly made and costly mistakes small business owners make with their network that leaves them exposed to extensive downtime, data loss, viruses, spyware, slow performance, and expensive computer repair bills.

Why should you care about this?

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