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Not for Profit

Non-profit organizations face all the same technology challenges as other companies. But faced with resource constraints, strict operational practices, and limited staffs, many non-profits struggle to overcome those challenges by implementing and maintaining a solid IT infrastructure.

For every second you (or one of your employees) waste trying to deal with IT headaches, you’re distracted from completing the critical work that propels your firm and offers hope to your clients.

That’s where CMIT Solutions comes in. We’re honored to serve our non-profit and not-for-profit clients, many of whom are staples in their communities. Many of CMIT’s 160+ franchise owners spread across North America struck out on an entrepreneurial path because they wanted to feel connected to their cities and their regions, instead of traveling nonstop in a corporate position. So we are passionate about helping you:

  • Identify the IT challenges your non-profit faces
  • Helping you choose between solutions and services created with your industry in mind
  • Implementing such services in a way that sets your organization up for long-term success

…All while providing you with efficient use of the resources that are essential to your mission today.

In other words, wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to think about technology again and could instead focus on fulfilling that mission?

  • With proactive, managed services, which monitor desktops, servers, networks, and mobile devices 24×7, you can achieve a crucial advantage for your organization.
  • CMIT Solutions also specializes in reliable data backup and disaster recovery services, anytime, anywhere hosted email, anti-spam and anti-malware software that can prevent cyberattacks and data breaches, and industry compliance that can keep your sensitive information safe.
  • We understand the regulations in place for non-profits that work with the health care, financial, and legal realms, and we provide the technology solutions you need to focus on your core work while we take care of IT systems behind the scenes.

Many non-profits worry that their limited budget capacity can lead a professional service provider to treat them as less important than bigger clients. But at CMIT Solutions, our focus on the small to medium-sized business market means we understand the restraints under which you operate.

We sympathize with the struggles that your firm is facing, especially in a rapidly changing technological world. And we recognize the integral role your organization plays in your particular local community.

That’s why we live up to the CMIT Promise: if you have an IT issue, we will work until it’s resolved, anytime, anywhere, in whatever way necessary. That’s the commitment you make to your clients, so we’re happy to provide peace of mind by giving you our word as well.

To learn more about how we can help your non-profit company contact CMIT Solutions today.