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Technology has revolutionized the legal industry by modernizing and streamlining the business practices of individual law offices. But attorneys are presented with a unique set of IT challenges. Email encryption that satisfies stringent regulatory requirements. Business continuity strategies that can keep you connected to the fast-moving legal industry and prevent you from being affected by both man-made and natural crises. Physical policies and procedures intended to keep not just the 1s and 0s on your computer safe, but also the systems, file cabinets, and offices themselves.

IT Support for Legal Companies and Attorney Offices

CMIT understands the need for secure data management software and encrypted solutions for the IT challenges unique to this industry. Those include:

Image-based backups that can support multiple versions of older software.
Legacy applications still carry significant weight in the legal industry, and our backups can ensure that stored data is compatible with the many different programs you’re required to run.

Easy access to years of tax and accounting information.
Past years of tax and accounting data must often be examined before laying out a proper plan for a client. The best IT service will make access to this easy.

Extra encryption to satisfy stringent industry regulations and potential audits.
In general, our client’s data is encrypted for secure online transmission (ensuring its safety during transfer from your office to the data center) and encrypted again in storage. And since legal professionals handle sensitive documents and deal with private client information, they are held to extremely high standards, which makes such encryption necessary.

Disaster recovery plans that can eliminate downtime and keep you working.
Working at such a fast pace means legal practices have to be ready for anything. A good disaster recovery plan is critical to long-term success — most of the time, it’s not a matter of if but when something will go wrong.

Risk assessments that prepare for aftereffects of any crisis, not just specific threats.
Instead of getting bogged down in planning for particular disruptions, a good business continuity plan addresses the steps necessary to get your business up and running, no matter the crisis.

Business impact analyses that weigh the cost of downtime against the cost of continuity and identify recovery objectives.
Determining critical business functions — data recovery, application use, client service — before a disruption occurs can help you prioritize resources, identify recovery objectives, and ultimately save money.

Incident management programs and education, training, testing, and reassessment for employees.
These aspects of business continuity focus on your employees — who’s responsible for which parts of the plan, what lines of communication will be relied upon, primary responsibility vs. backup responsibility. Testing these in advance is crucial to success.

Fully auditable and comprehensive planning that satisfies stringent industry regulations.
Business continuity does more than keep your company running — it satisfies stringent regulations that require legal firms to create and maintain written plans outlining how a business can meet its existing obligations to clients.

Attorneys Require More Than Just Basic Email Management

You wouldn’t trust your legal matters to someone who didn’t understand the industry — so why trust your IT to someone who doesn’t relate to the small to medium-sized business space?

Simply put, people hire attorneys because navigating the legal system is difficult. The intricacies of all those laws, codes, and regulations are often too much for the common person to understand. But in the legal world, ignorance is not bliss. And that’s where lawyers come in.

In the Legal Industry Data Backup and Recovery is Important

What about the technical requirements you and your company need to comply with? How do you keep up with a vast network of laws and mandates, all while doing your day-to-day work? Do we really need to remind you of all the IT hoops you have to jump through to stay in line with industry regulations? Data backups. Email encryption. Business continuity. Physical security. Government compliance.

You can’t risk losing a big case because an important email got deleted or because your firm’s VPN failed. You don’t have time to set up or troubleshoot your IT. You just need your IT to work! Your reputation — and often the fate of your clients — rests on your ability to build strong, effective cases, which means you as an attorney need to be able to review and share every single shard of evidence, digital or otherwise, at a moment’s notice.

We are the Trusted IT Services Partner for the Legal Industry

That’s where CMIT Solutions comes in. We understand the need for extensive, easily accessible backups. Rigorously monitored email communication. Straightforward recovery and continuity plans. Workplace controls and protocols. Basically all the solutions you need to stop worrying about technology and redirect that energy toward what you do best.

We have extensive experience working with clients in the legal industry. Simply put, regular people hire attorneys to navigate the legal field. And attorneys hire CMIT to navigate the IT field. It’s reciprocal approach between two sets of business owners and service providers that can be a win-win for everyone.