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Health Care

IT Concerns for Heathcare

Are you struggling to understand how HIPAA privacy, security, and breach notification rules implemented in 2013 will impact your business?

Are you looking for a technology partner that understands the difference between a risk assessment and a business associate agreement?

Will you sleep better at night knowing that every technology partner that crosses the proverbial door through your network will protect the privacy and security of your patients’ health information?

IT support for healthcare companies

CMIT Solutions can help you satisfy all HIPAA Compliance requirements.

We implemented a system-wide HIPAA internal compliance program in 2013 — today, our franchise partners walk the talk. They’ve appointed HIPAA Privacy and Security Officers and completed Privacy and Security Rule Risk Assessments, which means we have the experience you need to do the same. We discovered that the combination of our proactive maintenance and monitoring, remote backup and disaster recovery, anti-spam, and strong systems management policies and procedures put us in the best possible position to meet new HIPAA requirements.

That’s what separates us from the IT industry pack. While other providers have backed away from the health care market due to the high standard of service and rigorous compliance required, we laid the necessary groundwork to meet this critical need for our clients. We understand how daunting new HIPAA rules can seem, and we understand that most health care practitioners already have their hands full dealing with the squeeze from lower Medicare and Medicaid payments and the confusing mix of new laws instituted just in the last few years.

We also understand the fact that the consequences of HIPAA violations are real. It only takes one quick glance at the HIPAA Wall of Shame to understand the potential liabilities and risk to any practice: steep fines, the possibility of both civil and criminal penalties, a severe blow to a practice’s reputation when their data breach is publicized. At CMIT Solutions, we work 24/7 to prevent such a scenario. We worry about your IT so you don’t have to, and we deliver the same dedicated standard of care that you do you for patients. If a problem with your technology arises, we will work tirelessly to solve it with as little interruption to your office as possible.

Trust us to help you navigate the process of HIPAA compliance. We have developed a proven, tested step-by-step process in partnership with CompliancePro Solutions that brings best-in-class HIPAA management systems to assist you.

CMIT Solutions offers HIPAA-compliant services specifically tailored for the health care industry:

  • Cloud-based email that automatically encrypts protected health information
  • Regular, remote, and redundant data backups, file sync and share, and password management tools that ensure your data is both secure and accessible
  • Proactive system monitoring that keeps your critical software up and running
  • Firewall, anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spam solutions that minimize external security threats
  • Comprehensive network security solutions that go the extra mile to provide layered protection for your technology
  • Privacy and risk assessments, policies and procedures, and employee training protocols that meet stringent HIPAA requirements
  • Physical system protections like laptop cables, external drive guards, and streamlined access restriction setting that can prevent data breaches caused by human error

Our focus on meeting the needs of health care clients far exceeds that of any competitors in the IT industry. If you’re interested in making your office run smoothly, your systems operate more efficiently, your data remain secure, and your employees work smarter, contact CMIT Solutions today. We make life easier by making technology simpler, safer, and easier to understand, all at a predictable monthly price you can afford.