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At CMIT Solutions, we understand the complex regulations that apply to financial businesses, and our proactive IT solutions go the extra mile to satisfy those requirements.

You wouldn’t trust your money with just anybody — don’t trust your IT to a service provider that isn’t fluent in the language of finance.

IT support for finance companies

CMIT Solutions enables financial professionals to work anytime, anywhere.

  • Data backup
  • Business continuity
  • Email protection
  • Data encryption
  • Industry compliance
  • Physical policies and procedures

CMIT Solutions has extensive experience in all of these areas. Best of all, our solutions employ elite levels of security to give your critical business information the protection it deserves.

Your Office Should Be As Secure As Your Data

Whether you’re looking for

  • Image-based backups that can support multiple versions of older software
  • Password-protected, fully archived, and easily searchable email services
  • Assistance with software upgrades that still allow for easy access to previous years of tax and accounting information
  • Top-flight encryption that satisfies stringent compliance requirements
  • Procedural preparation for potential audits
  • Automated administrative processes that meet industry regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley and the Graham-Leach-Billey Act
  • Physical protections like cable locks, drive guards, and automatic screen lock capabilities to protect files, devices, and offices alike
  • Detection controls and incident response protocols that outline how to react to physical security issues
  • Audit logs that record physical access and provide a paper trail for regular review
  • Evolving functionality that meets rapidly changing mobility needs
  • Or business continuity and disaster recovery plans that can eliminate downtime, keep you working, and meet FINRA regulations

In the Finance Industry Smart IT strategey requires many layers

CMIT Solutions has got you covered.

That allows you to focus your precious time and resources on the things that matter:

  • Acquiring and retaining customers
  • Delivering differentiated products and services
  • Managing costs in today’s competitive environment
  • Hiring quality employees
  • Arranging capital
  • Satisfying government regulations
  • And keeping up with industry trends

Other CMIT services specific to the financial industry:

Email analysis, archiving, and discovery that follow specific rules pertaining to email communication.
Finance industry regulations mandate specific rules pertaining to email communication. Some systems require that all emails be scanned for keywords — “guarantee,” “100%,” “definitely” — by compliance software or officers. CMIT Solutions offers comprehensive email solutions like CMIT RADAR (rapid access, discovery, archiving, and recovery) that treat your electronic communications like the lifeblood of your business. We also provide services such as:

Necessary encryption to protect information from disclosure.
This does more than just satisfy you and your clients’ need for privacy — it also keeps you in line with federal and state regulations while, if followed properly, also shielding you from potential legal action.

Automated administrative processes to pre-screen communications.
Because basic content filters can’t catch everything — even if they could, they are not well-versed in the language of the finance industry.

Evolving functionality to meet mobility needs.
Employees of small to medium-sized businesses now average three devices per person. It takes a fresh approach to satisfy those needs.

Robust archiving and search functionality to satisfy compliance audits.
FINRA can audit firms ever few months, requiring that any email sent in a certain time period must be produced upon demand. That means your email of choice must be protected, encrypted, archived, and searchable.

Security Applies to More than just Your Data

We know how seriously you take your responsibility for a client’s finances —that’s exactly the way we feel when we sign on to serve as your IT provider. And in the financial sector, it’s not easy to dot all your I’s and cross all your T’s. If you’re looking for a trusted business partner that understands the financial industry and provides IT services tailor-made for your needs, contact CMIT Solutions today.

We provide enterprise-class infrastructure at affordable prices because our field of play is narrower. We concentrate on the small to medium-sized business market, and we work within your budget and your needs to deliver the right solution for you. CMIT Solutions can help remove uncertainty from your IT infrastructure while giving it the attention it needs to stay in line with industry standards.