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Enhance Your Microsoft Outlook Experience with These 10 Tips & Tricks
The way the modern office operates has changed significantly in the last few years, but one thing remains the same: email represents the lifeblood of communication. It doesn’t matter how far you travel or how... more
Video: How to Spot a Phishing Attack
In these email-dominated days, phishing attempts are a fact of life. More than half of all users who receive these fraudulent messages end up opening such emails — and many even fall for the scam.... more
Another Week, Another Ransomware Attack — Here’s How to Avoid it and Keep Your Data Safe
Last week, less than a month after the WannaCry ransomware attack infected more than 250,000 computers in 150 countries, security experts announced new revelations about a new attack, which originated in the Ukraine and spread... more
New Twist on Tax Preparer Phishing Attempt Highlights Need for Heightened Online Security
On June 23rd, the IRS released information from its latest Security Summit, highlighting the fact that cybercriminals and hackers are again targeting tax professionals. This attack is similar to past scams, arriving in the form... more
Scams Abound in Mobile App Stores — Be Careful What You Download!
Digital scams come in a million shapes and sizes these days. But one place where they are proliferating is your smartphone’s app store. With more than 1.5 billion mobile devices sold in 2016, the opportunities... more
Make Yourself a Microsoft Excel Master with These 10 Tips & Tricks
In today’s fast-paced digital age, it’s almost required that we work more efficiently while utilizing technology to solve complicated problems. And no computer program does a better job of that than Microsoft Excel. First introduced... more
With Summer In Full Swing, Get Your Vacation Autoresponder Squared Away
The official beginning of summer is still two weeks away, but with Memorial Day in the rearview mirror and most schools finished up for the season, summer is informally in full swing. Many families are... more
Recent Severe Weather and Start of Hurricane Season Make Disaster Preparedness a Must
The Atlantic Hurricane Season officially begins on June 1st. But even if you don’t live along the East or Gulf Coasts, a significant outbreak of severe weather that swept through the Mountain West, Great Plains,... more
6 Ways to Protect Your Data, Your Devices, and Your Digital Identity
In the wake of last week’s massive global ransomware attack, a lot of people are asking similar questions: how can I protect myself from such an incident? And how I can enhance the security of... more
As the WannaCry Ransomware Cyberattack Spreads Across the Globe, What Do You Need to Do to Protect Your Computers?
The most extensive ransomware attack in history spread around the globe over the weekend. Utilizing a Microsoft Windows vulnerability and the malicious software meant to exploit it, unidentified hackers used tools first revealed in April... more
Want to Give Your Inbox a Boost? Implement These Smart Microsoft Outlook Strategies
Although the manner and method of modern office work has changed dramatically in the last few years, one thing remains constant: email represents the lifeblood of communication. No matter how far you have to travel... more
Hackers Go Phishing with Widespread Google Docs Scam — If You Were Affected, Here Are the Actions You Can Take Now
On May 3rd 2017, a fresh email scam swept through millions of inboxes: millions of Gmail users received a message suggesting that a friend or colleague had shared a Google Doc with them. Early reports... more
Did Facebook’s “10 Concerts” Meme Steal Your Personal Information?
The “10 Concerts” meme spread like wildfire on Facebook last week, with millions of users listing nine live performances they had actually attended and one they made up, then asking friends to guess which one... more
Dangerous Weather Highlights the Need for Strong Backup and Disaster Recovery Procedures
They say April showers bring May flowers, but this week’s severe weather delivered far bigger problems to the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. A low-pressure system tracking up the Eastern Seaboard dumped much-needed rain on the drought-stricken region. But... more
Microsoft Word Exploit Used to Install Malware on Computers
If you assumed that today’s cyberthreat risk had gone down, think again: security experts revealed last week that hackers have figured out a way to exploit a previously undisclosed vulnerability in Microsoft Word. This allows... more