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CMIT Solutions of Columbus

CMIT Solutions is the premier IT Support provider for businesses throughout Columbus Georgia and the surrounding areas.

What are You Looking for in an IT Provider?

When you think of “IT provider,” what’s the first image that comes to mind? A geek with a laptop? A voice at the other end of the phone line that always seems to put you on hold? An hourly contractor who only shows up when your computer, network, or printer is down?   How about a trusted partner who, as a fellow small business owner, understands your day-to-day needs and concerns? A colleague that can support the long-term vision and strategic goals of your company? A built-in support staff that will proactively keep your computer and network running smoothly?   At CMIT Solutions, that’s the role that we fulfill. Far more than just an IT guy, we’re the human intelligence behind information technology.

We provide IT services for businesses in the Weracoba Heights, Fort Benning and Columbus areas of Georgia.

What are Proactive IT Services?

For most businesses, information is one of their biggest assets. Our job is to proactively monitor and protect your business information systems, allowing us to identify and eliminate any problems or issues before they occur.

Our focus on ensuring that your computers and systems are functioning 24/7 allows you and your employees to focus on what’s really important: your business and your clients.

With our help, companies have been able to free up an average of 80% of their IT staff’s time to focus on new projects that will grow the business, allow for innovation and easily stay ahead of their competition.

3920 Rosemont Dr
Columbus, GA 31904
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