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CMIT Solutions of Wilmington

Mac Support

Do you use Apple products? Whether iMacs or MacBook Pros, iPads or even iPhones, we can manage and support it all. (Yes, we all secretly love Macs.) We at CMIT apply the same rigorous management standards to Apple equipment as we do to equipment from other suppliers.

Best of all, we can back up your Mac data so you never have to use Time Machine again. Bet we got your attention there, didn’t we?

Seriously, we will love and care for your Mac better than you can ever imagine. If you work in an educational environment, we can easily separate teachers and administrators from student machines, so you have the right level of management and control exactly where you need it. If you work in a creative environment, we can easily set you up with the graphical horsepower you need.

Whatever your Mac-related needs, we can fulfill them.

CMIT is the local company with worldwide expertise.

Take advantage of our vast Mac knowledge from the guy down the street.

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CMIT Solutions of Wilmington serves Monkey Junction, Southport, Oak Island, Landfall, Leland, and Wilmington with a strategic approach to IT consulting. We improve performance of your business technology and we do it in a cost effective way.  We provide everything you need to keep your technology running, your data safe and your staff on board so you can concentrate on what’s really important. We are a true partner to your business.

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