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Cloud Benefits

Everyone loves the cloud.  But what are the real benefits?

What’s so great about the cloud? Haven’t we simply moved a server out of a closet to a data center in the sky? Is that really as much of a great leap forward as it’s made out to be?

The answer is sure. Maybe. Possibly even not quite. There’s much more to the cloud than just cut and dry, black and white answers.

Cloud-based computing means that your server — the cloud server — is now located in a world-class data center. That means you have redundant network paths, power sources, servers with failover, data storage with RAID storage arrays, and a host of other technical bells and whistles.

Or, to put it another way, you have traded your single, lone server for a slice of an enterprise-class server, with all the protection and redundancy and security that Fortune 500 companies have enjoyed for years.

CMIT Solutions specializes in bringing such high-level solutions to the small and medium-sized business space. As small business owners ourselves, we’re passionate about you find your perfect solution oftentimes at a lower cost.

The world is getting more mobile.  Everyone brings their own tablets and smartphones to work — and now those devices contain your business data. How do you square up more mobility with the level of data privacy and integrity you expect from your business?  We at CMIT are experts in mobile data security.

More comprehensive infrastructure. Unparalleled redundancy. Easy access. And the flexibility to scale on demand. Don’t forget about network bandwidth, though — it matters more than ever when using the cloud.

But is cloud computing right for your business?  Ask an expert. Schedule a consultation and find out what your best options really are.

CMIT is the local company with worldwide expertise.

Take advantage of our vast cloud computing knowledge from the guy down the street.

Learn more about a particular cloud product or service:

CMIT Solutions of Wilmington serves Monkey Junction, Southport, Oak Island, Landfall, Leland, and Wilmington with a strategic approach to IT consulting. We improve performance of your business technology and we do it in a cost effective way.  We provide everything you need to keep your technology running, your data safe and your staff on board so you can concentrate on what’s really important. We are a true partner to your business.

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