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Cloud Backup

You open a normal email and all of a sudden your computer and all those in your network lose access to all their files. You’ve been hacked. Do you have a reliable backup? CMIT offers cloud backup so your files will be safe from hackers.

Data loss can affect anyone. And if you’re not performing regular, remote cloud-based backups of your information, disaster is likely to strike.

Luckily, the cloud does more than just streamline your business processes ― it can also provide the secure, encrypted backup backbone you need to thrive.


There are two kinds of people in this world:

those who have already lost critical data
― and those who will.

We’re here to assess your needs and offer the right cloud backup solution that’s right for you ― at a price you can afford.

CMIT is the local company with worldwide expertise.

Take advantage of our vast cloud computing knowledge from the guy down the street.

Learn more about a particular cloud product or service:

CMIT Solutions of Wilmington serves Monkey Junction, Southport, Oak Island, Landfall, Leland, and Wilmington with a strategic approach to IT consulting. We improve performance of your business technology and we do it in a cost effective way.  We provide everything you need to keep your technology running, your data safe and your staff on board so you can concentrate on what’s really important. We are a true partner to your business.

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