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Business Continuity – Walnut Woods

Walnut Woods Complex Fire Backup and Disaster Recovery Lessons


–  On Tuesday, October 20th there was a devastating fire at the Walnut Woods Complex on M43 that destroyed the building and displaced several businesses. In an interview with Channel 3 one of the occupants stated “We left the office thinking there was just a small fire; they wouldn’t let us go back in. We didn’t pick up any of the computers, hard drives, anything, so looks like it could be a total loss.” I do not know if this particular business owner had offsite backup of his computer systems or not. But I do know that according to studies, 70% of businesses that suffer a total loss of data go out of business within the first year of the loss.
Do not let this happen to you. I implore you to review your Disaster Recovery plan and see if it has these important features.

  1. Does it automatically run without manual intervention?
  2. Does it store the backups offsite without manual intervention?
  3. Does it provide Redundancy?  Keeping multiple copies of your business‐critical data on multiple forms of media in several locations ensures that the business can better survive data loss or disruption.
  4. If you have a Server, does it provide for virtualizing (running on backup hardware) the server locally and/or remotely so you can be back in operation within an hour if you lose your server?
  5. Do you have access to multiple days/versions of your files in case of accidental file deletion or ransom ware infection?

If the answers to any of these questions is no or you don’t know the answer then talk to your IT Provider and ask for a review. If your provider cannot provide satisfactory answers to these questions or you don’t have an IT Provider then please contact me,

Larry Deniston at CMIT Solutions of Southwest Michigan for a free consultation:
Office Phone – 269.762.5077 x1000
Toll Free – 1.800.399.CMIT

One way or another implement an appropriate Backup and Disaster Recovery plan so your business is not threatened by a disaster like this.


If you are located near Wilmington, NC –  Please contact 

David Usher at CMIT Solutions of  Wilmington:
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