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CMIT Solutions of West Metro Charlotte/York & Lancaster Co.

About Us

When you think of “IT provider,” what’s the first image that comes to mind? A geek with a laptop? A voice at the other end of the phone line that always seems to put you on hold? An hourly contractor who only shows up when your computer, network, or printer is down?

How about a trusted partner who, as a fellow small business owner, understands your day-to-day needs and concerns? A colleague that can support the long-term vision and strategic goals of your company? A built-in support staff that will proactively keep your computer and network running smoothly? At CMIT Solutions, that’s the role that we fulfill. Far more than just an IT guy, we’re the human intelligence behind information technology.

In addition, we offer the following services that can benefit your business:

Stabilize IT Costs

Outsourcing converts variable IT costs tied to the break-fix or reactive mode of support into the stable costs of proactive IT support. This allows business owners to budget effectively and pay what they can afford on a set schedule rather than being hit with unexpected bills when tech problems affect computers or servers.

Cut Labor Costs

Of that 76% of business owners that handle their tech support in house, 40% reported that they performed the work themselves, while 32% had a staff member handle it. Why? Because hiring and training an IT staff can be very expensive. Outsourcing lets business owners focus their human resources where they are needed most.

Ensure Trained, Experienced, and Certified Staff of Tech Experts

On top of hiring and training an IT staff, the cost of ongoing education and certification can break a small business owner’s bank. And if you’re not well versed in the IT world, how can you ensure an IT employee is actually qualified? Don’t let undertrained tech “experts” fool you into thinking they can solve all of your problems.

Certification + Experience

Certifications like the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) program are important, but so is experience. Leading MSPs encounter very few problems they haven’t seen before, while an in-house IT employee often leads an isolated existence narrowly focused on a small set of problems no matter how much they train. You’d rather an experienced doctor solve your physical ailments, right? The same goes for an IT company.

Boost Efficiency and Competitiveness

Organizations that try to handle all IT services in house can incur much higher research, development, and implementation costs, all of which cuts into a business owner’s bottom line. And those increased costs are ultimately passed on to customers, who are prone to look elsewhere when prices go up.

About the Owner: Jay Jordan, President, CMIT Solutions of West Metro Charlotte, NC/York & Lancaster Co., SC.

Jay Jordan has 25 years of experience as an engineer in both the public and private sectors. He has created value for his customers by taking the time to understand their everyday business needs, then researching and recommending the best technological solution to reduce or eliminate them.

Jay’s career started with designing electronics, software, and computer networks and moved through research and development of new products for the consumer industrial and municipal markets. Realizing his need to better understand customer requirements, Jay then moved into sales and marketing to accumulate more face-to-face experience with the consumers of the products he designed and manufactured. This experience proved to be of tremendous value when Jay founded CMIT Solutions of Fort Mill/Rock Hill and Charlotte West to serve as a bridge between business and IT technology teams.

Jay has developed a breadth of expertise that further enhances his ability to contribute and act as the trusted advisor to business owners, senior business leaders, and executives. He has served as a regular advisor to research organizations such as Black and Veatch, CDM Smith, Arcadis, and others. In addition, Jay has presented and participated in many panel discussion sessions as a subject matter expert.

Jay is passionate and driven by the values of transparency, integrity, personal growth, social responsibility, and a passionate commitment to client and partner success. Key skill areas include network design, information management, data integrity, standards creation and implementation, collaboration, roadmap planning, project management, business intelligence and data management.

Jay graduated from the University of South Carolina and holds a BS Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He also holds a certificate in Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt Quality Assurance.

Jay and his wife Windy live in Fort Mill and enjoy spending time with their son, daughter in-law, and two grandchildren. Jay also enjoys reading, giving speeches and presentations, sports cars, and riding motorcycles.


1646 West Highway 160, Suite 8180
Fort Mill, SC 29708
Call Us: 803-619-1150
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