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PCI Compliance – St. Louis

What is required for PCI Compliance?

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You must be PCI compliant if you are a business that accepts credit cards as payment. Why is this important? It means your systems are secure, and that your customers can be confident doing business with you. When customers are confident, they’re also more likely to come back and do business again! In most cases, the merchant providing the card service for your business will carry out a PCI compliance audit which consists of an external scan of the network and a questionnaire for the business owner or IT provider.

The scan is to find any issues in the firewall and create a report of these problems with proposed fixes. This report can be very rocky to navigate for someone who is not trained with the terminology. Here at CMIT Solutions of Southwest St. Louis, we have trained technicians that understand and address any issues so you can pass your scan with ease.

Our PCI Compliance Program starts with managed firewalls that can be at the edge of the network or be placed behind another firewall to segment all credit card systems from the rest of the network.  In addition, we provide a compliance portal to assist with the completion of the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and Policies and Procedures Templates specific to PCI compliance.  We top that off with online training for users who are involved with the acceptance of credit card information.

PCI Compliance you can count on

  • Initial questionnaire to determine your level of compliance
  • Install firewall and anti-virus solutions
  • Audit procedures that will stand up to compliance tests
  • Conduct staff training of procedures
  • Set up security configurations that protect your data

We’re here to help with any problems or issues you have regarding PCI Compliance. Give us a call and our technicians will assist you right away. We work with businesses throughout the southwest St. Louis area, including Eureka, Ballwin, Ellisville, Fenton, Wildwood, Washington, Gray Summit, and Franklin County.

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