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CMIT Solutions of Southwest Michigan


Larry Deniston

Larry Deniston is the President and Owner of CMIT Solutions of Southwest Michigan. Larry has over 35 years of experience designing, developing and delivering cutting-edge IT solutions using the latest technologies to Small & Medium Business and Local Government. Larry started as a Software Engineer for a small Software/IT Services company in Southern Illinois. Became the General Manager then bought the company. That company was later acquired by Manatron of Kalamazoo Michigan. In May of 2013 he opened the Southwest Michigan office of CMIT Solutions.

Larry and his team believe that IT and Computer Technology should serve the business and make it more productive. They also believe that a business’s data is its most important asset after its employees. So we provide state of the art Backup and Disaster recovery solutions.

To make your business more productive and efficient we make sure your computers just work. We do this by utilizing enterprise grade monitoring and management technology. Our technology works around to clock making sure your computer technology is up to date and always functioning. No more breaking down and having to do nothing while waiting for an on call computer guy to come and fix it.

To protect your critical data we provide a robust set of on-site and cloud backup solutions. Your date is in multiple locations, always protected and always available. We monitor the backups and do the restore if need. That way in case of disaster we make sure you are back up and running in the shortest amount of time possible.

We also install and upgrade computers and servers making sure they are right sized to do the job.

At CMIT Solutions of Southwest Michigan we defend your network, protect your data, and empower your staff.


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