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CMIT Solutions of South Scottsdale

Computer Repair Phoenix

Computer Repair for Phoenix Area Businesses

Computers are no longer a luxury. They are found everywhere; in shops, homes, offices, hotels, and so on. CMIT Solutions of South Scottsdale helps businesses find computers best suited to their needs. In addition to new hardware purchases, they also do computer repair Phoenix businesses often need.


When to replace or repair your computer:

Times come when you need to replace one or more computers or speed up your processes.  Maybe your computers are just too old or your servers are slow. Probably you bought or upgraded your systems 5 years ago and as time passes and needs change, it’s no longer providing the speed and/or memory you need for smooth running of the business. Under such circumstances, your best option is to get an analysis on how to improve and quicken the workload.

Computer Purchase tips:

  • Desktop or portable computer?

The first big decision that you will need to make is whether to purchase a desktop portable computer such as a laptop, desktop, or tablet. The decision should be made based on the nature of the task to be accomplished. For instance, a desktop would work perfectly for workstations.  However, if you’re buying for sales reps, a tablet might be more convenient.  CMIT will help you find the best computer at the lowest cost depending on the work at hand.

  • Why processors matter

Once you’ve made the portable/desktop decision, the next thing you should consider in a computer is processing speed measured in GHz. Higher GHZ-values represent better value. We help businesses find value through latest technology processors that allow for multitasking.

  • Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM also affects the speed of a computer. The greater the RAM size (in MBs or GBs), the greater the amount of work the computer can handle at a given time. At CMIT of South Scottsdale, RAMs are selected based on their working technology.

  • Hard Drives

The hard drive space determines how much content you can store in your computer. If the hard drive capacity is limited, you will only be able to store a limited amount of files and other data on the computer. CMIT also helps you choose between Solid State Drives and Hard Disk Drives.

Apart from these four, you’ll need to consider computer graphics as well as support for peripherals such as HDMI, SD, Wi-Fi, USB, and Bluetooth.  They are what make the difference in business IT.

Also remember, always maintain your computers in order to make them more effective at the work they do. Proper maintenance also increases longevity. For business setups, we recommend finding  IT Consultants to help with the prper maintenance and secure backups that wont cost you alot of money or down-time.

With our large purchasing power combined with our advanced knowledge, we will work together to to better your business at SAVINGS to you.  Call CMIT Solutions of South Scottsdale today for a FREE analysis of your business computer repair needs!

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