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Business Continuity Plan

Business Continuity Plan and Training is how your business will prevent the risks from every-day disasters

Any successful and growing business has to be concerned about the consequences of interruptions of daily operations. This is especially the case for companies that are dependent on their IT functions. They are vulnerable to security and data breaches along with numerous other risks. These realities make the existence of an effective business continuity plan a practical necessity.

Like any insurance or disaster planning, it is easy to ignore its importance until you need it. Of course, that is precisely when such precautions and prudence are priceless. Your business can be shut down for many reasons, especially with the increasingly aggressive efforts of black hat operators and other online threats. If you look at the numbers, you’ll find that every day businesses are forced to stop operations for a large number of reasons, including:

  • Flooding from manmade and natural causes
  • Fires and smoke damage
  • Loss of electrical power
  • Government-declared and natural emergencies
  • Internal failures, losses or other problems with on-site IT systems

Such shutdowns can occur at any time, and may result from the carelessness of neighboring businesses or others. Of the thousands of companies closed for even a short time each year, a large number never reopen their doors.

A proper business continuity plan is not simply a binder sitting on your shelves. Adopting the right approach will ensure you follow a disciplined process to deal with all potential interruptions. However, many small to mid-size businesses simply don’t have the resources to provide the protection such plans require.

Effective planning requires you to proactively evaluate, establish, publish and regularly review the procedures and policies that will allow your business to continue regardless of circumstances. This includes having your files properly backed up and the ability to quickly restore them to recover from any emergency or disaster.

In many circumstance proper disaster recovery requires you resume operations from a remote facility, which means it must have sufficient capacity and ready for relocation 24/7. The superior local and national support of CMIT is relied upon for these capabilities by our clients across many different industries.

Disaster recovery is our business, and we take it seriously. We understand what is involved in being prepared to restore your data and information as quickly as possible, and that requires a great deal more than simply keeping good backup files.

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