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 Experienced IT Consultants

Every small business owner or company manager knows that its personalized service that provides the ability for smaller businesses to compete against much larger companies. It’s the owner’s dedication and personal involvement that makes the difference.

As owners of an entrepreneurial enterprise ourselves, we understand this and take this same personal approach to each of our clients. We are committed to prevent unexpected disastrous surprises for your business all while and squeezing real results out of every dollar of working capital. These concepts have driven our company from its inception – we want to be MORE than just your IT Consultants company. In fact, our CMIT name says it all Completely Managed Information Technology Solutions — and that is what we want to be for your business.


IT Consulting for Scottsdale/Phoenix Businesses:

Started in Austin in 1996, CMIT has expanded to a national presence with more than 1,500 IT consultants. Our Co-Founders, Marwan Halabi  and Maggie Halabi,  have spent their entire working careers in the Information Technology world. In their time with leading industry firms such as Merrill Lynch, Stockback, Aternity, SAP and they learned how to deliver top-level services and results to the largest corporations and organizations. That experience drove their desire to bring the same level of excellence to smaller businesses, primarily those with five to 99 employees.

As the CMIT CEO  of CMIT Solutions, Marwan Halabi: began his career in the trenches in the highly competitive New York City market as an IT consultant providing comprehensive remote and onsite for customers. This role included Tier-III support for networks, including designing, installing and supporting Local Area and Wide Area Networks. He moved on to specialize in internet VPNs and the business requirements for external connectivity at a number of ad companies.

This focus on networking and all aspects of issues related to connectivity led Marwan to specializing on reliability and security of installed and upgraded systems. As a result, he become a recognized expert in real-world issues of security and network protection measures. As a respected Information Security Officer he drove major initiatives, developed architected security solutions, and designed secure network connectivity solutions and applications that are still in place today.

As the EVP/COO of CMIT Solutions, Maggie (Wolfe) Halabi, brings a similar level of career focus to the company. Maggie’s early efforts included success with security software firm Symantec, where she found herself attaining early success in sales. She built on this experience in the New York Area, and gained recognition by earning success in a succession of challenges dealing with Fortune 500, 100 and 50 firms for major firms.

Maggie targeted, prospected, developed and managed relationships with companies such as General Electric (lead global team), Cablevision, ING, McGraw Hill, Oppenheimer, 1-800-Flowers, McKinsey, Bloomberg and NewsCorp. Her top wins include: General Electric, Cablevision and McKinsey. Other significant accounts Maggie has managed and been tasked with developed strategic solutions for include AIG, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMC, Citigroup and VISA.

The experience in managing the entire sales cycle (prospecting, presentations, solution design, and initial sale through implementation) provides Maggie and her team with unique insights and capabilities. They bring these to each client, from the small local service shop to firms with dozens of employees and locations.

The combined experiences and goals left Marwan and Maggie desiring more than just being IT consultants. They decided to to start their own company which could offer more comprehensive IT solutions than other companies by offering the back end support of a national network called CMIT Solutions. CMIT Solutions has more than 15 years’ nationwide experience in serving its rapidly growing base of clients; has developing strong industry partnerships with industry leaders such as Dell, Intuit and Microsoft; and has a large network of 24/7 IT support teams standing by throughout the US.

In turn, their efforts and commitment have enabled them to grow one of the premier franchises of CMIT, respected for their base of satisfied clients and results. This is significant,

If you are looking for an experienced, trustworthy and VERY responsive IT Consulting firm for your Phoenix business, contact Maggie and Marwan from CMIT Solutions now at 602-492-5976!




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