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VoIP Services

Are you happy with your phone bill? Probably not. And according to sources like CBS Money Watch, your phone bill is likely to keep going up. Do you want advanced PBX features but know that investing in a phone system is something outside the realm of possibility? Try a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution from CMIT Solutions of Seattle.

VOIP Business Solutions from CMIT Solutions

Bandwidth efficiency and lower costs make VoIP an attractive feature for businesses of all sizes. VoIP technology from CMIT Solutions has the added benefit of reducing operational costs for your organization in 4 key ways:

  • VoIP systems allow you to route phone calls through your existing data network, capturing valuable insights into your customers in the meantime.
  • Transfer multiple phone calls with the same broadband connection, a huge benefit over standard phone lines.
  • Easily encrypt and authenticate private calls without the hassle of traditional phone line security.
  • Cut personnel with virtual PBX systems or automated telephone greetings.

A VoIP system is one of the smartest investments you can make in your business, and an important part of your technology budget. One of the best features of VoIP systems at the company level is the ability to deliver all incoming voice and data communications in any format (call transcripts as text, for example) to any device handled in the VoIP system.

How VoIP Systems Improve Businesses

VoIP systems typically operate much like a normal telephone for users. You can make and receive calls using a standard numeric dial pad, or use special features of some VoIP plans like an address book or voice activated dialing.

But where standard phone lines are sometimes limited by the location of the person receiving the call, VoIP calling allows you to send calls to anywhere with a broadband connection. Imagine coordinating a seamless teleconference where every participant is in a different location around the globe, but on the same secure connection.

Productivity increases as VoIP users can still use their computers while working on a simple, inexpensive headset designed for VoIP calls. Finally, users can send and receive documents through the same connection to aid in important presentations or company meetings performed over the phone. Just make sure you have the best WIFI available if you plan on running VoIP systems through a wireless connection.

CMIT VoIP Solutions – Everything in an Advanced PBX and More

With CMIT VoIP solutions, you will have all of the features of an advanced PBX with none of the expense. Advanced phones with all of the latest voice mail, call forwarding, call parking and ghost extension capabilities you will ever need. All available without a multi-year commitment!

Contact CMIT Solutions of Seattle and ask us about CMIT VoIP solutions. You will be amazed with the all of the advanced features at a fraction of the cost.


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