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IT Support Services

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Customized Services that Fit Your Business Needs

Many businesses rely on an internal IT support department or a knowledgeable employee for IT support. While this approach might seem to save money on IT services, it actually may cost you money and reduce the productivity of the employee involved.

CMIT Solutions Help Desk and a network of knowledgeable technicians can ensure productivity remains high, and technical problems are solved without delay. Since many problems are just a phone call away from a solution, you can save money and time compared to an on-site staff.

Internal IT departments are often resistant to scaling. An outsourced IT support company like CMIT Solutions can grow with your company, meeting your changing needs and challenges. Our staff can help you update technology (that same WIFI connection when you had 5 employees won’t work when you expand to 20, after all).

Purchasing Expertise

Make the most of your technology budget with hardware and software purchasing advice from CMIT Solutions of Seattle. We can identify potential and current issues with your existing technology and recommend solutions that will both solve your problem and maintain your budget. Other advantages of working with CMIT for IT services include:

  • Increased automation of common, repetitive tasks.
  • Increased storage space with smart document space options.
  • Unmatched data security to protect you from public IT meltdowns.
  • Remote access to documents and higher data flexibility.

We have partnerships with Microsoft, Dell, Intuit and others ensuring that you get the right products and services that won’t break the bank.

Network Solutions

CMIT Solutions of Seattle can help design and implement the network you need, no matter the size of your business. We can install, test, and maintain your wired and wireless networks while also educating you on how to best utilize those resources.


We are your dedicated, virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO). Our experts can guide your business through all of its technology requirements. Contact us today to find out how we can increase your productivity and get the most out of your IT budget.


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