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Hardware Purchasing

Expert guidance. Future-proofed solutions.

CMIT Solutions of Seattle has the knowledge and expertise you need to identify and recommend hardware that will improve your business and ensure production continuity. Through our partnerships with hardware manufacturers, we can provide the latest technology at significantly reduced prices.

Plus, due to our familiarity with the specific hardware, we can easily install and implement new hardware to keep you focused on your business operations.

Why Is Hardware Purchasing Important?

Buying hardware for your office (computers, routers, monitors) is as simple as getting the best performance at the lowest price, right? Not really.

By working with organizations from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, IT professionals at CMIT Solutions have learned that there are four major rules to hardware purchasing:

  • Mitigate Risk
  • Save Money
  • Keep Information Private
  • Stay Consistent

Chances are good that your next IT upgrade with hardware purchasing will need to stay current for several years.

It’s vital that you choose an IT professional with the experience necessary to perform hardware purchases for businesses. After all, you could be spending money on the wrong technology for your business.

CMIT’s Purchasing Advantages

There are dangers to purchasing your own hardware for a business. In fact, some writers commonly cite overspending on tech and computers as one of the reasons a small business fails.

CMIT Solutions uses partnerships with companies like Dell to offer low prices on all Dell hardware. We also have expertise purchasing cost-effective Mac computers and offering support for Mac environments.

We’ll help you save money on hardware purchases you need to make, and avoid purchases you don’t or won’t be able to use effectively. There are several important technology solutions every small business should implement.

But our experience in a variety of industries helps us take a deeper look at technology’s role in your workplace, creating a custom plan catered to your needs.

Our Hardware Purchasing Process

During our initial review, we can identify weaknesses in your hardware and software lineup and recommend improvements that will maintain productivity between an old system and the new one.

This review results in our comprehensive hardware strategy that helps you visualize your new technology capabilities, while checking their place in your budget.

Once your hardware strategy is in place, we can rush your purchase and quickly implement the new equipment for you.

Contact CMIT Solutions of Seattle today for hardware purchasing, and we’ll help you make the right, quick choices.


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