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Computer Support Services

Effective IT operations rely on several different parts to function and do so with optimal adeptness. Beyond basic IT support and services, it’s important that your machines are the correct ones for your business’ uses, performing at the most ideal efficiency possible.

Factors Requiring Computer Support

Unfortunately, even if your Internet service is running at peak performance and your server is operating optimally, the actual computers themselves can be slowing down your efficiency. Things such as the hard drive or memory (RAM) can affect a machine’s operating system, speed, and available space. A computer can also become individually infected with a virus, which should be cleared away before it spreads to your whole network.

Top Computer Support Services

Some of the most commonly required computer support services are testing, repair and/or replacement of power supply, the motherboard, RAM, and hard drive. In the case of a problem, other services include data recovery or transfer; identification and removal of a virus, Trojan, Spyware, Adware or Worm; operating system repair or reinstallation; and upgrades for the CPU or cooling system.

The Cost of Ineffective Machines

When computers are not operating at peak potential, a business may experience some significant costs:

  • Labor inefficiency and reduced productivity due to poor system performance, leading to wasted time, as employees must wait for their machine to ‘catch up’ with their work speed – this can cost thousands of dollars per year, per employee!
  • Lost data from computers crashing or hard drive failure.
  • Cost of repairs and replacement of damaged equipment.

In cooperation with our general outsourced IT support, we provide support services with hardware and computers. From consulting with you to determine your needs, to evaluating your current systems and setting a strategy to meet those needs, and finding the best machines, our computer support services start Your CMIT Team also has all of the necessary expertise and knowledge with Mac support as well as for PCs.

The perk of using CMIT Solutions of Seattle is that you don’t have to hire a full IT department to manage your computer support. Additionally, if problems with your machines come up, they can be solved far more quickly with your CMIT Team than if you have to vet and then wait for a computer support and repair technician to come on-site.

We offer the general IT support, but with a focus on computers in businesses as a critical part of an effective IT system and strategy. Contact us to learn more about our computer support and outsourced IT services.

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