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4 Industries That Famously Ignore IT Spending – And Shouldn’t
Businesses in every industry of the day should probably have at least a small budget for IT support and service, but a few important industries commonly skip spending on IT. If your industry is on... more
CMIT Solutions of Seattle Earns Respected Technology Industry Credential
We have just earned a respected industry credential that recognizes CMIT Solutions of Seattle Downtown’s adherence to the best practices in customer interaction and delivery of technology services. Learn more in this post!... more
CMIT Solutions of Seattle Recognized with Two Major Awards
Our Downtown Seattle office continues to receive some great feedback and awards for our IT services and support! The latest are two important honors that we are very excited to share with you. Thank you... more
How CMIT Solutions Saved a CMIT Business Trip Gone Awry
From travel to technology issues, a big business trip was almost a complete disaster. Luckily, with help from other CMIT Solutions experts, we were able to rectify a major technological fiasco that could have been... more
CMIT Solutions at the Seattle Chamber Trade Show – Recap
Our Downtown Seattle office went to the Seattle Chamber Trade Show to learn more about what local small business owners and entrepreneurs need when it comes to IT support and service. The results were pretty... more
Small Businesses and Artificial Intelligence – How the Democratization of Machine Learning Can Aid Business Owners
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is here to stay! In this article, learn about the abilities of today’s AI, as well as some ideas for how small businesses are using AI and how we could... more
Microsoft Pushes Automatic Windows 10 Upgrades – Is Your Company Affected?
With reports that the new Windows 10 operating system is being forcibly installed on computers, many companies are concerned about the effects. Luckily, there is an option to rollback to your old operating systems to... more
Preparing Employees for Key IT Overhauls
Changes can be stressful for a business of any size, but preparing your employees for change can help make the process smoother. When implementing important overhauls to your IT, preparation of your workforce is particularly... more
4 Key Cybersecurity Strategies You Can Implement Right Now
Cybersecurity is important for any business using technology (which basically applies all businesses in some form). In this article, you’ll learn some important cybersecurity strategies to protect your business’ digital assets and reduce the risk... more
Is “Ethical Hacking” an Oxymoron?
When you hear the term “hacking”, your reaction is most likely negative. However, the phrase “ethical hacking” has been tossed around in the technology sector, leading us to ask if it’s actually ethical, or an... more
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