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Jeff Steele and Dan Simkins

Together, Jeff Steele and Dan Simkins bring over 60 years of combined business experience to bear for your business.

Jeff has worked at or with the world’s leading players in digital media — from Fortune 100 companies to VC backed firms. Starting in datacenter operations and datacenter management, he was a self-taught programmer and top Systems Engineer for IBM Global Services. Jeff helped build and grow new media businesses worldwide for companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Fox by bringing technical understanding and know-how together with deep business experience — resulting in innovative ways to showcase and monetize content. Jeff is able to bridge the gap between tech and business.

Dan draws on a strong background in Customer Service and Client Relationships with his experience in consumer credit and banking in Las Vegas and success running multiple large residential properties in the Southwest. Together, Jeff and Dan built and started an award-winning luxury hotel in Queenstown, New Zealand — and now stand ready to help you run your business through better use of technology.

The two have lived and worked in the Seattle area since 1991 and enjoy showcasing everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer to friends and family when they come to visit. They hope that you allow them to bring their business experience and technology expertise to bear to help you get more out of your technology, better productivity for your people, and a better bottom line for your business!

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