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CMIT Solutions of Round Rock

Break Fix Service

Here at CMIT Solutions of Round Rock we’ve found that different clients have different needs and preferences where their outsourced IT support is concerned. For example, you might not feel like you need constant monitoring and troubleshooting, but at the same time you don’t want to be kept waiting for assistance when something goes wrong (laptop repair issue, software failure, broken network) or at least needs addressing right away (upgrade notification, patch installation). You need something in between – a service that’s “on call” to come running whenever something needs fixing. That’s exactly what our Break Fix service is all about.

When you’re set up with CMIT’s Break Fix Service, you’re never stranded for IT help in a pinch; just tell us, ”Hey, fix my laptop” or “Fix my computer” (or whatever the problem is) and we’ll come running. We do for your IT system what an automotive emergency service such as AAA does for your car – we come to the rescue, evaluate the situation, and hand you a proposal for the recommended work. You don’t even have to pay a fee up front; we can arrange to perform the work on an hourly, per-device, or per-project basis.

If you don’t have round-the-clock proactive care for your IT system, guaranteed response when you need it is the next best thing. Try our Break Fix service and see for yourself.

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