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Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10

The long awaited arrival of a new Windows OS has many celebrating the departure of Windows 8. Now that it is safe to rejuvenate your PC with a graphics and speed overhaul again, none should resist the urge to upgrade to windows 10. By incorporating both the familiarities of Windows 7 appearance plus the performance advances made in 8, Windows has once again gained control of its market. Tie that all up with the fact that it is free (for early adopters) and you have yourself a great operating system.

Microsoft will be starting the release of the completed OS on July 29th 2015 and have it remain free for a year to allow everyone the benefit of upgrading at their own pace. However, an enthusiastic consumer can steam roll the process by reserving a copy of Windows 10 by clicking on the updated windows logo inside the system tray placed there by Microsoft’s update for compatible machines. Please note this logo will not appear on corporate networked machines or non-updated devices.

While Windows 10 is a great upgrade for Laptops and PCs, tablets should wait until it is better programmed for touch screen devices. As it stands, tablet users who do choose to switch over will lose some easy-access features such as search, settings, share, and changing display devices.

As previously stated, Windows 10 will be Microsoft’s first free windows upgrade. Ever. This in itself was long awaited since Apple (Microsoft’s competitor) has offered this since Lion (2010). If you have a license for Windows 7 or 8 then you will be eligible for the no cost upgrade. If you are a Windows Live insider you will also be able to continue testing beta software.

Enough stalling, here are the 10 reasons to upgrade to 10!

  1. Speed is Everything

Boot sequence and so much more. One very noticeable feature in windows 8 was the fast boot. If you have never witnessed it before, you have side stepped one of the miraculous advances in Windows history. Windows 8 even starts up quicker on a MacBook than OS X. Windows 7 is a snail compared to Windows 8 at startup speeds. Gamers will praise windows 10 after they feel firsthand the speed boosts offered from DirectX 12, a 3D engine that will allow for smoother game play at higher qualities.

  1. Return of A Legend

Part of the Windows 7 appearance that will be brought back into Windows 10 is the start menu. Hugely demanded by the community after its disappearance in 8, the return of the start menu in itself is a huge step back into the harmony of developer and consumer resonating in this give/ take relationship. Frankenstein would be proud by the harmony of parts brought together to create its new appendage of live tile feed.

  1. “Hey Cortana Thanks For Your Help!”

After conversing with Siri or Google, one can’t help but feel the convenience involved with just being able to ask a question or say a command and have an immediate response that is relevant. Windows decided to add that convenience to your PC and named it Cortana. With the capability to say something such as,”Hey Cortana, Remind me to ask my sister about our mother when she calls.” Not only does she assist you directly but also indirectly in the form of tracking your interests and popping up notifications that pertain to you. Whether it is local weather or even traffic hazards for you ride home after a long day in the office.

  1. Apps Make Life Easier

Never upgraded to windows 8? Then you never had the luxury of an app store on your computer before. With the ability to search on your desktop for something small like a video player or a program to unzip a file, the convenience is definitely there. Windows 10 comes with productivity and media apps such as photos, videos, music, maps, people, mail, and calendar. The apps can be controlled by touch or typical keyboard and mouse setup.

  1. Sense of Touch

Since it’s inception, the touch screen has popped into just about every form of technology including phones, cars, and thermostats. How come your desktop or laptop can’t have one? The most voiced argument being fingerprints on the screen, despite the same people having smart phones shrouded in fingerprints that don’t bother them. While touch isn’t the prominent way of traversing the screen it darn sure does come in handy.

  1. Notifications located in the Action Center

Why can’t your computer actively notify you when something is triggered such as an event, update, and emails? Well with Windows 10 it shows that and more in a sleek designed way that gives you all the information you need and want. Also equipped with the ability to go back and look at notifications you missed, it’s a huge leap from Windows 7 and 8.

  1. Microsoft Edge Code Name Project Spartan

Thank goodness! No more Internet Explorer. With the only use of helping you download another browser then deleting the shortcut never to be seen again. Not anymore, with the new Microsoft browser Spartan they finally compete with the other browsers by allowing extensions, more support of coding, integration of Cortana, page annotations, and Continuum support.

  1. Security Security Security

Windows 10 brings secure boot to the table like its predecessor, Windows 8, with the addition of added security. When the OS starts the only code that is allowed to run has to be signed by Microsoft or the hardware creator. It can be set to make it un-bypassable. Windows 10 also brings Device Guard, Microsoft Passport, and Windows Hello.

  1. Virtual Desktop, What is That?

Once again left in the dust by OS X for a couple of years, Microsoft has finally caught up with the integration of ever-useful virtual desktops. This feature in Windows 10 is accessed by simply clicking or touching the task switching icon next to Cortana.

  1. Application For Xbox Gamers

If you are an Xbox fanboy/girl then you will love the new app that allows you to keep taps on your friends and stream your game to your computer. You can also play multiplayer games from your PC against other players on Xbox.

As always, expect the rollout to be a bit rocky. Microsoft isn’t well known for smooth releases, but our beta testers say that this OS will be the next Windows 7 with much more on the hitch. For upgrading questions, get in touch with your local CMIT branch or visit our website.

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