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Patient Management Technology for Dentists

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Dentists have busy schedules. From 7am until close, patients are in-and-out, and dentists don’t have a second to spare until the last appointment walks out the door. Practice management software makes this routine more feasible by integrating numerous aspects of the dental industry into a single, complex piece of software.

There are several highly praised applications that accomplish Dental such as Dentrix, Eaglesoft, and Henry Schein. Their features are similar, and so is the technology that drives the communication between the front desk and the exam rooms. Each dental management platform requires a powerful server to store your patient data, gigibit network equipment, and quick computer workstations for patient rooms and offices.

The software makes managing your dental patients easy, but leaves you to manage the technology.

The technicians at CMIT are well versed in numerous dentistry applications, the technology required to run them with speed, and the hardware to keep the systems online 99% of the time.

In busy dental offices, we recommend a monitoring system that sends usability data to your technology office for constant support coverage and analysis. This provides the maximum up-time, as well as overnight tools that keep your machines quick and connected.

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