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Password Update – You Need To Change It!

A survey was recently conducted that brought out the truth behind passwords being used by regular Americans. The majority of all passwords are 5 years old and many are older! The same survey revealed that 77% of users haven’t updated their passwords in a year or more. A whopping 21% have passwords that are older than 10 years, and 73% use the same passwords for several applications.

This is a major issue because 40% of those surveyed have been hacked at least once. Last month, the password management company LastPass leaked that cybercriminals hacked into their system and stole user email addresses and passwords. The Houston Astros revealed that the hacking of their player database was a result of not regularly changing their passwords.


Password security is of the utmost importance for these five reasons:

    1. Cybercriminals are becoming fluent at password hacking. Methods include keylogging viruses that run on users computers and vigorous attacks that use computers to brute-force attack (issuing several trillion combinations of numbers and letters to crack a password). The latter method’s effectiveness is not determined by chance but by time. However, using creative combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols for your password is an effective method to hold them at bay. Train yourself to use “P4$Sw%Rd#420” instead of “p@ssword400”.
    2. Two-factor authorization is the epitome of password safety. This technique is a dual layer security feature that requires a password and a unique code sent via SMS or Email.
    3. Dormant web accounts are a good target for hacking. Whenever there is a huge password hack, major corporations such as Google, Facebook, Apple, and other popular services spring into the front lines to safe keep their users. However the best method of security is to take a proactive approach and constantly check the state of your accounts – especially those you use the least.
    4. Anti-virus applications and Microsoft security patching supply an extra layer of protection. A common proactive approach is to use software and monitoring services such as CMIT Marathon. This service comes equipped with anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti spyware programs that can halt cruel password-hacking viruses in their tracks. This includes patches and fixes for Java, Adobe, internet browsers, and Microsoft office. Without an expert IT company protecting your team, an all-encompassing security solution is impossible.
    5. High end password management solutions are the way of the future. CMIT Solutions applies a mobile- optimized, cloud-based password storage alternative that’s created uniquely for the business circle – not just the consumer domain. Regular checkups, in depth reviews, mobile accessibility, data dominion, password rotation… these are very crucial aspects to security, hence why we have made them mandatory in our office and for our clients.


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