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Managed Services IT

IT Project Management

Downtime is unacceptable. Response time needs to be instant. Support needs to be local.

If these statements ring true for your business, you need an IT company that provides you with managed services.

Managed Services IT describes a type of IT support that includes monitoring, maintenance, instant support, remote access, and short on-site technician readiness. This tier of support is best for companies that cannot have downtime.

Because no system is perfect, CMIT has a multi-layer support grid in place that allows us to provide the fastest and most reliable managed services support available. Our services include:

  • Real-time monitoring. We know your system is down before you do, and are working to fix it before you pick up the phone.
  • Remote maintenance. On a schedule, our technicians apply patches, malware updates, and system cleanups, making hands-on maintenance a thing of the past.
  • Live chat. For minor issues and nuisances, our technicians are available to answer system questions or to quickly remote in and fix bugs with just a few clicks. It’s never been easier or faster for your company to contact support and reach a resolution.
  • Local Support. CMIT has technicians on-call, ready to visit your business on a moments notice to resolve issues that can’t be fixed remotely.
  • Monthly reporting. Every month, CMIT sends a report of updates, patches, system up-time, planned maintenance, and system usage (storage, speed, and processing power). These reports help plan for the future and also keep you informed of how your computers are handling their workloads.

CMIT specializes in managed services IT. Our project manages will meet with your CTO to determine the best plan for your business, large or small.


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