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IT Project Management

IT Project Management

Business runs on software and hardware. These tools allow us to function at an incredible pace! Organization, workflow, processing speed, print ability – all of these facets are improved when technology is utilized to it’s full extent. However, with these incredible machines comes great maintenance. Every now and then, your office needs to upgrade their system to meet the standards of the latest software update, or just because your hardware has reached the age when devices start to fail.

Project management encompasses these transitions. In most work environments, numerous applications handle various tasks for any number of users. Each user also has specific hardware, settings, documents, and a way of doing things they’re used to. If a transition isn’t handled professionally, the upgrade can be a disaster, costing days if not weeks of productivity and crushing worker morale.

CMIT has managed dozens of large-scale upgrades and transitions in numerous industries. From dental practices to marketing firms, our project managers have the experience to make your transition smooth and as trouble-free as possible.

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