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When hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey in 2012, most businesses were under-prepared. Battery backup systems were out-of-date, cloud backups had not been implemented, in many cases data wasn’t centralized and businesses lost both time and priceless data.

There are two components to disaster recovery: Preparation and Recovery. They work hand-in-hand to restore your business to a full functionality after an event.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with potential data-loss. Some business take backups off-site on the weekends, others put their drives in fire-safe lock boxes, but relying on personnel to protect your data adds another fault layer to the equation.

CMIT helped over a dozen businesses get back on their feet after the hurricane, and regularly configures preemptive systems to reduce data and productivity loss after such an event occurs.

If you think your office is unprepared for a fire, storm, or a system crash, call CMIT for a disaster recovery evaluation. We will outline your vulnerabilities and recommend solutions that will not only protect your business from a disaster, but give you peace-of-mind.


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