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Cryptolocker Virus

Cryptolocker Virus

The crypto-locker / ransomware virus ranks among the worst viruses in history. Currently, in it’s 4th iteration, the infection accesses a computer via backdoor trojan, then quickly and silently encrypts all of the files in the computers user folder. After the initial stage of encryption, the virus then searches for network folders and encrypts them as well.

When the damage is done, the company has two options: pay the ransom (sometimes over $1000) or restore from a backup that hasn’t been encrypted. If there is no backup, companies often lose months if not years of data to the infection.

CMIT Solutions has been fighting the cryptolocker virus since it first appeared over two years ago. Enterprise level antivirus, along with interval local and cloud backup solutions provide the highest level of protection against these attacks.

If you are not sure of your current backup status, or have a basic antivirus, we highly suggest calling for a free consultation. A crypto virus attack is extremely time consuming and stressful if the proper defense mechanisms are not in place.

Don’t get caught with your guard down. Call today.


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