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CMIT Solutions is a nationwide provider of information technology (IT) services and solutions for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). With more than 800 consultants and technicians, CMIT has expertise in nearly all technologies and industries Founded in 1996 in Austin, TX, CMIT Solutions, Inc. has grown into the leading IT solution provider for SMBs.With over 10 years of experience and strong industry partnerships, CMIT Solutions is capable of providing enterprise-level services and products that were previously unavailable to the SMB market. We are a local company with the support of a national network behind us. We focus on making your business run better by understanding your business and technology needs.

Are You HIPAA Compliant?

HIPAA clearly defines the individual responsibilities for the required healthcare providers and business associates to maintain HIPAA Compliance regarding patient privacy, including:The administrative requirements of information management and communication Guidelines pertaining to written agreements between the two related groups of healthcare providers and business associates The need for patient privacy procedures and policies Training responsibilities of the employer for staff members Employer requirements for proper procedures of disclosure of sensitive patient information when applicable Proper disposal methods of sensitive documents with HIPAA protected information Proper data security protocol for storage of patient medical records using locking mechanisms and/or electronic pass codes. Guidelines for the creation of company-specific procedures for patients or employees who wish to lodge a complaint regarding HIPAA Compliance.


Can Your Business Withstand A Hurricane?

One of the leading reasons for business shutdown lies with the ill preparedness of the company’s emergency situation plans. Having such plans is a real game changer when it comes to how long a company will be in operation. Whether it be something small like computer meltdowns to something on a larger scale such as a natural disaster, your company should have plans ready to be implemented to limit the amount of time offline. That’s were CMIT Solutions of Pennington comes into play to help create and preserve these plans for when something unpleasant does come your way. Business continuity is something to take seriously like the team members of CMIT.

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