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Milton Perez

Business success relies on more than just the most contemporary “technology solutions”, the fastest computer processor, the most advanced software platforms or the fastest internet speeds; Business success relies on the customer service quality delivered for an experienced Company as a CMIT Solutions of Paramus.

At CMIT Solutions we take care of all your IT needs.  While you’re busy running your business, we will keep your critical company data safe and preventing technology disasters from disrupting or destroying your business. CMIT will offer strategic advice, technological expertise, and of kind insight and partnership you can only get from a trusted advisor.

Regardless the kind of business you have, we help you achieve your business goals by making technology work for you. We bring big business experience, products and processes with high touch local delivery so you no longer have to worry about IT headaches regarding your computer systems working.

Our service is not just about providing the solution to a problem, it’s also about delivering customer service with the highest degree of excellence, and striving to complete the responsibilities of the insatiable and ever-growing demands that your business has set before us.

CMIT Solutions strongest asset is its team, led by Milton M. Perez who has over 20 years experience in information technology (IT) working for fortune 500 companies on Wall Street.  He has led technology teams and projects primarily focused supporting trading floors and datacenters in the North America Region.  The technical staff and our CMIT partnerships are our best resources.  Our team delivers quality customer service through both technical expertise and effective communication.

Take a moment and browse our website and see exactly everything CMIT Solutions has to offer. With our friendly and proficiently knowledgeable staff, we are confident that we can not only meet your business needs – but exceed them substantially.