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Cyber Attack and the US Election
There has been a lot of talk in the media lately on the purported Russian attack on the Democratic National Committee.  To be clear in this post-election fog:  the attack was on the email servers and... more
The CMIT promise
The CMIT Promise from CMIT Solutions on Vimeo. When the CMIT home office came out with the CMIT Promise a little over a year ago, I immediately gravitated to it–because it really speaks to what... more
Veteran small business owners
Colorado Springs hosts many small businesses and non-profits led by veterans. As we move around our community we learn a lot from these entrepreneurs, lessons that we all can apply to our business challenges. Veterans... more
How can I help my business improve productivity?
At CMIT Solutions we talk about our three promises:  Defend Your Network; Protect Your Data; Empower  Your People. We address security and data protection quite a bit, but the question is how can you empower... more
What gives you energy?
We can get locked into the hum drum of day to day business operations, but sometimes you need to take stock in what gives you energy as a business owner.  For me that’s easy:  it’s... more
Email scams targeting Colorado Real Estate
Channel 7 in Denver recently reported that real estate transactions have been targeted by email scams, commonly called “phishing” scams.  We would like to thank our real estate partner and client Ray Brown of Milestone... more
Can a cloud server save me money?
There are some advantages for moving your server out of your small business, however, it’s not for everyone. You can save on taxes, cut a high capital expense, and off-load server maintenance costs. Cloud servers... more
Your house is hacked?
We’ve posted many updates on business computer security, and the need for ever increasing vigilance against viruses, hacking, malware (malicious software) that invade your small business networks.  Now our security partner, Webroot, reports on the newest... more
Social Media Attacks Public Image in Colorado Springs
A news article from our local Colorado Springs news stations (thanks to KKTV and the Gazette) highlights the need for us to be “always vigilant” (Semper vigilantes!) when it comes to our social media sites... more
What are the technology concerns for non-profits
Colorado Springs is a center of excellence for non-profits of varying sizes–some reach across the globe with their services while others make a significant impact on our local community. There are several issues that face... more
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