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CMIT Solutions of Manhattan, West Midtown

IT Concierge

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Your Own IT Concierge and CMIT Help Desk

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When you choose CMIT Solutions Marathon Performance Plus with Help Desk, get your own personal IT Concierge. Your CMIT Concierge ensures that you receive prompt, professional service. Unlike other IT companies that switch you from department to department, at West Midtown, you always talk to someone who knows your name and is able to provide you with the personal service you need.

Once your IT Conceirge assesses you problem, our Help Desk professionals will access your computers and servers to make repairs, usually completing the request in an hour or less; saving you time and the cost of an on-site Technician visit.


  • Lower Billable Hours and Efficiency – With CMIT Remote Assistance you can hugely reduce the cost of onsite technicians by having the work done remotely. We can work on multiple jobs at the same time, which can lead to greater than 100% productivity.



  • Faster more responsive service – You want your problems or requests actioned right now. Remote Support helps us deliver faster and more responsive support by cutting out travel time. CMIT can respond quickly to urgent case requests through our remote assistance. Barring hardware or internet connection problems, most IT requests can be handled within an hour, increasing productivity in your office



  • After Hours Assistance – Occasionally clients request work outside of regular business hours. With remote assistance, our clients don’t have to stay behind at the office to give our techs access to their systems..



  • REAL, live people there to help – When you work with CMIT, you will never get an automated telephone response. Our people are available to handle your problems in real-time.


What’s more, your IT Concierge can help you by answering common questions regarding Microsoft Office products, such as Word and Excel; a service not normally provided by other IT companies.

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