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CMIT Solutions of Hartford, Connecticut

IT Support Services for Non-Profits

What could be more excruciating for your non-profit organization than outdated technology that destroys your productivity and growth? For you to get the most out of what your core business objectives are, it requires your undivided attention and focus on what it is you do.

This is where CMIT Solutions of Hartford shines; our objective is to provide world-class IT support for non-profit organizations in the Connecticut area. We have the proven ability to bring affordable support through long-term relationships and our services are unmatched in keeping your business ahead of your competitions.

Several IT Solutions we offer non-profits are:

  • Help desk support
  • Cloud management computing
  • Outsourced IT Support
  • Network IT Solutions
  • Information Technology Consultation
  • Network Solutions
  • And more!

We provide up-close and personal service that only comes by face-to-face partnership building and reducing or eliminating any computing downtimes. We have a number of core services that will take the worry out of what you do daily and place us in the fore-front of all your IT needs and requirements to keep you advanced, competitive, and secure in your daily operations. We take pride in our professionals because we provide what you need when you need it and we have done so for decades.

I’m Paul Marzo; it is my pleasure to meet and be of service to you. My father started in the field of computers in the 1950s and I soon followed in his footsteps with a $200 Commodore 64. That was in the 1980s and it goes without saying that technology since then has become much more diverse in its platforms, security, and overall abilities. In short, we make what you do easier, safer, and more efficiently.

If your non-profit organization already has an in-house IT department, we simply offer support; making them much stronger through our expertise and on-going team efforts. For those non-profit organizations without an in-house IT team, we provide our world-class management of IT support that is proactive and strong making you more visible, stronger, and solutions-oriented; making what you do more efficient.

With an initial assessment and evaluation, we get to the core of what your IT needs are and design a systematic approach to a full support paradigm that includes helpdesk support and forward-looking solutions that propels your non-profit organization to its next levels.

If you are a non-profit organization with or without an in-house IT team of professionals we are confident that our managed IT approach makes sense. Contact us for an organizational development prospectus that will give you that competitors edge you need to grow in technological advances that will set you apart from similar organizations. CMIT specializes in IT support for non-profits.

45 South Main St. Suite 310
West Hartford, CT 06107
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