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CMIT Solutions of Hartford, Connecticut

IT Support Services for Doctors & Health Care Offices in CT

Help the patient feel confident and comfortable. Save time and money with better and faster access to patient records. These are just a few perks experienced by forward thinking Dr offices around Connecticut as cloud based systems replace their folder, stickers and printed records. Today cloud-based record keeping is becoming the norm for medical practices. Medical professionals instantly can see patient records across a network of devices, and the benefits spread to all departments of a medical practice.

Awesome is the word for some of the time savings aspects of the cloud. A patient can call in, for example, and based on the incoming number, basic patient information, like address and insurance provider, can be made available to the operator. This type of data acceleration shortens call times and increases patient satisfaction.

Dr offices in Connecticut will get a a secure and reliable cloud based patient record system from CMIT Solutions of Hartford.

Since most medical practice managers don’t want to double as IT managers, outsourcing has become their path of least resistance to the world of cloud services. But beware – this requires high expertise on the part of the IT service provider. While many IT companies offer cloud services to Dr offices, the headache free choice is to choose a company versed in HIPAA security rules and other regulations regarding patient records.

The key features CMIT Solutions of Hartford provide Connecticut Dr offices are:

  •     Compliance with HIPAA and other data and security regulations
  •     Cloud based data access across networked devices
  •     Security that protects data against all unauthorized use


Dr offices IT companies are something of a specialty. We provide ongoing Managed IT Services and Network IT Support in a cloud environment for numerous Dr offices around Connecticut. This includes protecting against outside attacks with anti-virus and other tools. But we also make sure the right patient data is accessed by the right health care worker. We take privacy seriously from all angles.


As recent incidents around the world have shown, hacker malware is getting stronger. At one of the world’s largest medical organizations, the UK’s National Health Service, a worm virus held a London hospital’s IT systems hostage. We are experts in managing the latest anti-virus tools. Patient data is protected by our data protection software along with our remote access and onsite assistance programs.


Patient data needs to be available 24/7. We use multiple network redundancies to make sure patient information is always available on any of a network’s authorized devices.

Contact us and we’ll discuss how CMIT Solutions of Hartford can help your practice grow with satisfied patients.

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West Hartford, CT 06107
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